Saturday, March 6, 2021
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Sources: 8 USA | 1 UK | 1 Qatar | 1 Canada | 1 International

Democrats Want a Stronger Edge in the Senate. Ohio Could Be Crucial.

1 hour ago | The New York Times

Senate rejects Sanders’ $15 minimum wage bid, braces for all nighter on COVID 19 relief

5 hours ago | New York Post

Senate Dems strike jobless aid deal, relief bill OK in sight

6 hours ago | Star Tribune

Stimulus check updates: Senate leaders, Manchin agree on virus bill jobless benefits

8 hours ago | Chicago Tribune

Senate continues voting on $1.9T stimulus after Dem Manchin stall

8 hours ago | New York Post

Dem Senator Kyrsten Sinema slammed for bringing CAKE to Senate before giving thumbs down in $15 minimum wage vote

9 hours ago | The Sun

Senate leaders reach agreement on virus bill benefits

Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID aid bill stalls in US Senate

10 hours ago | Al Jazeera

Senate COVID relief action stalls after Manchin wavers on key unemployment aid provision

11 hours ago | New York Daily News

Senate resumes work on coronavirus bill after jobless benefit deal

12 hours ago | Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Senate Democrats reach deal on jobless aid in Biden’s US$1.9 trillion COVID 19 bill

18 hours ago | The Globe And Mail

Mitch McConnell Working With Kentucky Legislature on Senate Exit Strategy

2 days ago | The Intercept