Wednesday, April 21, 2021
Breaking the Echo Chamber with Data and Transparency


Sources: 4 USA | 2 Canada | 2 Qatar | 2 Russia | 2 UK | 1 Ireland

Pace of vaccinations may be slowing; 'Joints for Jabs' a hit in DC; Ted Nugent admits 'pandemic is real': Live COVID 19 updates

12 minutes ago | USA Today

'At the front of the front line': Security guard abused by public, ignored by government in pandemic

44 minutes ago | National Post

Wild Recovery: Protecting nature and preventing the next pandemic

50 minutes ago | Al Jazeera

Link between cardiac arrests and COVID may help map the pandemic

1 hour ago | Al Jazeera

Israel doesn’t need the AstraZeneca jabs it ordered, says pandemic coordinator, govt trying to ‘divert them elsewhere’

2 hours ago | Russia Today

‘World’s most mutated’ Covid strain with 34 mutations is found as fears grow super variant may prolong pandemic

2 hours ago | The Sun

Jeffrey P. Haydon leading Ravinia into a new era, and a return to live performances amid a pandemic

3 hours ago | Chicago Sun-Times

RTD retained more frequent service during pandemic in communities that need transit the most

3 hours ago | The Denver Post

‘This pandemic isn’t going to end with a bang’ Varadkar believes winter will be key Covid test for Ireland 

3 hours ago |

Bored in the pandemic, she made art by bruising bananas. Now she has an international following.

5 hours ago | The Washington Post

South Korea calls on US to share Covid 19 jabs, repaying favor from start of pandemic, as only 3% of population inoculated

5 hours ago | Russia Today

‘I wash my hands and genitals – the rest I gave up’: how the pandemic changed our hygiene habits

10 hours ago | The Guardian

B.C. projects record deficit as budget builds on COVID 19 pandemic recovery plan

12 hours ago | The Globe And Mail