Saturday, March 6, 2021
Breaking the Echo Chamber with Data and Transparency


Sources: 5 USA | 3 UK | 1 Qatar | 1 Canada | 1 Russia | 1 Israel

Smart motorways killed my eight year old son – they need to be banned or more will die

2 hours ago | The Sun

Eritrean soldiers killed hundreds of civilians in Tigray: HRW

4 hours ago | Al Jazeera

Hunters killed more than 200 grey wolves in Wisconsin, 82% more than the state's limit

11 hours ago | National Post

Medical examiner report shows Frankfort native, Lipinski aide was legally drunk when killed in Florida crash

11 hours ago | Chicago Tribune

Families of those killed by police demand justice for George Floyd in former officer Derek Chauvin's trial

11 hours ago | Star Tribune

British soldier killed in fatal shooting accident on Welsh training range

13 hours ago | Metro

20 killed in Somali capital after suicide car bomb detonates outside restaurant

14 hours ago | Russia Today

Boy, 6, killed by brain eating amoeba ‘from water park’ to get playground in his honor

15 hours ago | Metro

St. Louis area mom, 2 children killed; baby taken, but safe

15 hours ago | Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Has covid killed trade shows? Barcelona bets on a comeback

20 hours ago | The Washington Post

Dallas hitmen kidnapped and killed two people, authorities said. A police officer allegedly hired them to do it.

23 hours ago | The Washington Post

Al Shabaab militants storm Somali jail, seven soldiers killed

23 hours ago | Jerusalem Post