Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Sources: 5 Israel | 4 USA | 2 Russia | 2 Canada | 2 Pakistan | 1 Qatar | 1 UK

Iran agrees to return to nuclear deal talks by end of November – deputy FM

18 minutes ago | Russia Today

Iran’s president says cyberattack that paralyzed gas stations was meant to create disorder

2 hours ago | New York Post

Iran Will Rejoin Nuclear Talks, Top Negotiator Says

3 hours ago | The New York Times

Iran to Return to Nuclear Deal Talks Next Month

3 hours ago | The Wall Street Journal

Iran says Vienna nuclear talks to resume by end of November

3 hours ago | Al Jazeera

Iran negotiator says nuclear talks with six powers will resume by end of November

5 hours ago | Jerusalem Post

Iran says nuclear talks with six powers to resume by end November

5 hours ago | The Globe And Mail

Iran’s president claims cyberattackers crippled every gas station in the country to create ‘disorder’ but fails to assign blame

7 hours ago | Russia Today

Cyber insecurity: Iran highlights ‘other cyber attacks’ after gas disruptions

7 hours ago | Jerusalem Post

Iran blames foreign country for cyberattack on petrol stations

8 hours ago | BBC News

Iran says IAEA chief Grossi's trip to Tehran is certain, gives no date

8 hours ago | Jerusalem Post

Iran cyberattack: 4,300 gas stations disrupted, Raisi decries attempted disorder

9 hours ago | Jerusalem Post

Cyberattack that targeted gas stations in Iran was designed to create ‘disorder,’ President Raisi says

10 hours ago | The Globe And Mail

Iran will return to nuclear talks in Vienna next month, lead negotiator says

16 hours ago | The Washington Post

Iran executes people at ‘alarming rate’, says United Nations

17 hours ago | Dawn

Pakistan, Iran seek urgent steps to avert Afghan crisis

19 hours ago | Dawn

Teacher flogged by Iran's regime is re arrested

23 hours ago | Jerusalem Post