Tuesday, January 18, 2022
Breaking the Echo Chamber with Data and Transparency


Sources: 3 UK | 2 USA | 2 Australia | 1 South Africa | 1 Ireland | 1 Canada

Afghanistan desperately needs aid. One technocrat from the former government is key to the Taliban’s efforts.

33 minutes ago | The Washington Post

Peers inflict defeat on Government over crackdown on protests

1 hour ago | Evening Standard

Tesla wooed by India states after Musk flags government problems

2 hours ago | Sunday Times

Fremantle council to vote on whether to ask State Government to ‘drop’ vaccine mandates

2 hours ago | The West Australian

Government to activate national medical stockpile

3 hours ago | Herald Sun

Crime bill: Lords defeats for government's protest clamp down plans

5 hours ago | BBC News

Confusion in Government over Champagne party probe

7 hours ago | Independent.ie

Paramedics need government help as Omicron worsens staffing crisis: union

7 hours ago | Calgary Herald

Government defeated as Lords vote to remove parts of controversial policing bill

11 hours ago | Metro

U.K. government’s reported plan to freeze BBC funding source stirs controversy

17 hours ago | The Washington Post