Friday, September 22, 2023
Breaking the Echo Chamber with Data and Transparency
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Biden approves $325M Ukraine military aid package as Zelensky visits White House

2 hours ago | New York Post

Man arrested as police hunt for missing mum and children

7 hours ago | BBC News

Tropical Storm Warnings Issued for East Coast as Ophelia Could Form Soon

58 minutes ago | The New York Times

Brazil’s top court rules in favour of Indigenous rights in land claim case

3 hours ago | Al Jazeera

India's lawmakers approved landmark legislation that will reserve one third of seats for women in the lower house of Parliament and state assemblies.

18 minutes ago | The Wall Street Journal

Biden’s surprise move to grant thousands of Venezuelan migrants work visas sends NYC officials into scramble over another fed chore

4 hours ago | New York Post

Rishi Sunak got it right on Net Zero – he’ll rile the metropolitan elite but he’s speaking for ordinary people

5 hours ago | The Sun

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