Friday, December 4, 2020
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Russia Today (Russia)

French Lebanese businessman who once claimed to transport Gaddafi funds to Sarkozy campaign by suitcase 'arrested in Beirut'

32 minutes ago

‘Ugly reality’: Iran’s FM spokesman accuses Saudi Arabia of being chief source of ‘bigotry, hatred & terrorism’ in region

53 minutes ago

Fears of an Iranian reprisal for the killing of nuclear chief prompt Israel to warn its own scientists & reactor workers

1 hour ago

Wall of cardboard erected outside French Finance Ministry as climate activists protest over Amazon expansion (VIDEO)

2 hours ago

Scientists on verge of creating ‘artificial vision’ which could restore partial sight in the blind via BRAIN IMPLANTS

2 hours ago

‘We distrust Iran’: Germany wants nuclear deal under Biden expanded to include Iranian ballistic missiles

3 hours ago

India summons Canadian ambassador after PM Trudeau's remarks on farm protests

3 hours ago

I hope France gets rid of ‘Macron trouble’ soon, Turkey’s Erdogan says, amid growing conflict with EU

4 hours ago

Covid curbs Christmas spirits as Italy cancels festive events & bans midnight mass

4 hours ago

Covid rules ‘misunderstood, toothless, or insufficient’: Experts claim most countries violated international law during pandemic

4 hours ago

Two Chinese Covid 19 vaccines prove safe and trigger ‘strong immune responses’ in early trials

5 hours ago

MOMENT massive Arecibo telescope collapsed caught in jaw dropping footage

7 hours ago

Postponed Tokyo Olympics to cost Japanese organizers $2.8bn

7 hours ago

European Council head says nations must weigh sanctions in the face of Turkey’s ‘hostile’ behavior

7 hours ago

‘Massive' FIREBALL fills skies over S. Africa’s Durban following explosion at oil refinery, seven injured (VIDEOS)

8 hours ago

Taiwan sees trade deal with US as Washington’s support in face of ‘intimidation’ from China

8 hours ago

Pfizer CEO ‘not certain’ their vaccine stops transmission of Covid 19 as company’s jab approved in UK and evaluated in US

13 hours ago

Israel warns its citizens they may be targeted abroad by Iran following nuclear scientist’s assassination

21 hours ago

New Year’s Eve parties ruled out by Airbnb in bid to deter Covid spreading gatherings

23 hours ago