Thursday, March 30, 2023
Breaking the Echo Chamber with Data and Transparency


Sources: 6 left wing | 1 right wing

NYC Teachers Union Trains Educators in 'Resistance Against the Harmful Effects of Whiteness'

36 minutes ago | RedState

Teachers union head: Critical race theory bans are a front for school privatization

3 hours ago | Salon

Senate Republicans Said Some Wild Things at the Starbucks Union Hearing

5 hours ago | Slate

Starbucks Mogul Flips Out at Being Branded a Billionaire in Union Busting Hearing

7 hours ago | The Daily Beast

Bernie Sanders Roasts Howard Schultz For 'Union Busting' At Starbucks Hearing

9 hours ago | Huffington Post

PREPARED REMARKS: Chairman Sanders Questions Howard Schultz in HELP Committee Hearing and Calls on Starbucks to End the Illegal Union Busting

11 hours ago | Common Dreams

"Illegal and egregious union busting": Howard Schultz takes the hot seat in Bernie Sanders' hearing

12 hours ago | Salon