Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Sources: 2 left wing | 9 right wing

Report: John Fetterman's Senate Return Timeline Is Revealed as Questions Continue to Swirl

3 hours ago | RedState

Exclusive: Declassified report suggests "Havana syndrome" could result from energy weapon

3 hours ago | Salon

Biden appointed US attorney declined to prosecute 67% of cases as DC crime continues to surge: Report

3 hours ago | TheBlaze

Report: John Fetterman Will Return to U.S. Senate Mid April

3 hours ago | Breitbart

Report: Alvin Bragg's Case Against Donald Trump Delayed One Month 

3 hours ago | Breitbart

Report: George Soros Donates $1 Million to Wisconsin Democrats Ahead of State Supreme Court Election 

5 hours ago | Breitbart

Report: Katie Hobbs's Press Secretary Resigns After Tweet About Pointing Guns at 'Transphobes'

6 hours ago | Breitbart

REPORT: Manhattan Grand Jury Investigating Trump Not Expected To Meet For One Month

6 hours ago | The Daily Caller

Report: Transgender Shooter's Parents Told Her to Sell Her Gun

7 hours ago | Breitbart

Credit Suisse Complicit in 'Massive' Conspiracy to Help Rich Americans Dodge Taxes: Senate Report

9 hours ago | Common Dreams

Manhattan DA Office Releases 9 Page Report On LGBTQIA+ Terminology

10 hours ago | The Gateway Pundit