Thursday, March 30, 2023
Breaking the Echo Chamber with Data and Transparency


Sources: 3 left wing | 6 right wing

House Democrats vent frustration after Biden reversal on COVID 19 emergency measure

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PHOTOS: Landslide Hits House in Los Angeles After Rains

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First on Fox: McCarthy hauls in a record $35 million in fundraising since becoming House Speaker

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Exclusive — Tom Cotton: Joe Biden ‘Should Invite Prime Minister Netanyahu to the White House’

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WATCH: Lawmakers get in shouting match outside House floor over gun control

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‘I’m Going to Have to Refer You to the IRS’: White House Remains Quiet on Surprise Visit to Taibbi’s House

5 hours ago | National Review

White House dodges question on whether 'assault weapons' ban will lead to 'confiscation'

5 hours ago | Fox News

Now That the FBI Is Just the Left’s Enforcement Arm, House GOP Threatens to Hold up Funding for Its Massive New HQ

9 hours ago | PJ Media

Ron DeSantis should be second guessing his race for the White House — Trump is just getting started

12 hours ago | Salon