Thursday, March 30, 2023
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The Federalist (US)

Federal Court Rules Maine Cannot Restrict Use Of Voter Roll Data By Government Watchdog

4 hours ago

Rep. Tom Tiffany Requests Federal Funds Pulled From Indian Tribe Guilty Of Illegally Holding Wisconsites Hostage 

5 hours ago

Hero: Katherine Koonce, Head Of Nashville Christian School, Ran Toward Transgender Murderer’s Gunfire

6 hours ago

Voter Suppression Is Real And It’s Not What You Were Told

7 hours ago

There Are No Banned Books

8 hours ago

Youngkin Signs Bill Banning Unequal Restrictions On Virginia Places Of Worship During State Emergencies

9 hours ago

Democrats’ Knee Jerk Gun Control Demands Ignore The Most Basic Facts About Human Nature

9 hours ago

Twitter Cannot Be Saved. It’s Time For Free Speech Proponents To Let It Die

10 hours ago

How Classical Wisdom Can Solve Contemporary Problems

11 hours ago

Youngkin Thwarts Democrat Election Scheme With Return To Virginia Constitution On Felon Voting

12 hours ago

‘John Wick 4’ Is All Artifice And No Art

14 hours ago

D.C.’s Cherry Blossoms Illustrate The Beauty And Fragility Of Spring

14 hours ago

How To Win The New Cold War With China: Restore Faith, Community, And Industry

14 hours ago

Democrats Hate That Republicans Like Sen. Tommy Tuberville Are Finally Doing Their Jobs

15 hours ago

Twitter Bans Federalist CEO Sean Davis For Reporting On ‘Trans Day Of Vengeance’ Following Nashville Shooting

15 hours ago

Fixed It For You: Here’s What The Vilest Headlines About The Nashville School Shooting Should Have Said 

18 hours ago

Stop Calling My Miscarriage An Abortion

18 hours ago