Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Hot Air (US)

Board transferred all it's power to Disney shortly before DeSantis' appointees took over

16 minutes ago

Biden adds Israel to the list of allies he has alienated

58 minutes ago

Portland: Deranged homeless man was discharged from mental health center and moments later attacked a woman with a rock

1 hour ago

Women's brands flock to trans spokesmen

2 hours ago

Senate chaplain leaps outside his lane with plea for action during opening prayer

3 hours ago

JK Rowling: As the left becomes 'puritanical and authoritarian and judgmental' they are pushing people to the right

4 hours ago

Thank you Vietnam Vets

4 hours ago

Fetterman will return to the Senate in 3 weeks

5 hours ago

California Dems approve state sanctioned kidnapping

6 hours ago

There's a 'Star Wars' twist to a Ukrainian air raid app

6 hours ago

Male weightlifter proves a point: I just set a world record!

7 hours ago

Nashville trans shooter targeted school "with the least security"

7 hours ago

Insiders worry the case against Trump is too weak to get a conviction

8 hours ago

Whistleblowers: Credit Suisse enabled tax evasion in US before collapse, and more bad news

8 hours ago

Trans Day of Vengeance moves forward despite Nashville mass murder and MTG's Twitter account is suspended

9 hours ago

No, really: Has Bragg's case against Trump stalled?

9 hours ago

Biden appointee refuses to enforce the law in Washington D.C.

10 hours ago

China threatens "countermeasures" over Taiwanese visit to Americas

10 hours ago

AZ governor's press secretary: Let's shoot all the "transphobes"?

11 hours ago

Freshman senator exposes the truth: U.S. Marshals told not to arrest protesters outside justices' homes

12 hours ago