Friday, November 27, 2020
Breaking the Echo Chamber with Data and Transparency

Republicans Have Much to Be Thankful for on Thanksgiving Day

1 day ago | RedState

A happy and blessed Thanksgiving to all our readers!

1 day ago | Hot Air

After 400 Years, The Top Reason People Come To America Is Still Freedom

1 day ago | The Federalist

Trump Pardons Flynn Long After the Damage to Justice Is Done

23 hours ago | The Daily Beast

Top Trump Health Official Issues Stark COVID 19 Warning For Thanksgiving

23 hours ago | Huffington Post

Delingpole: Britain Has Cut Its Foreign Aid Budget. Good!

23 hours ago | Breitbart

Mehdi Hasan Is Sick of ‘Racist’ Bill Maher’s Nonsense

22 hours ago | The Daily Beast

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